Good-bye home, hello Oceania?

Polynesia, Oceania, or Australasia – they all somehow describe more or less the same region: Australia, New Zealand, and its surrounding islands. Especially Australia has increased more and more in popularity amongst young backpackers. Because both Australia and New Zealand are very safe, part of the developed world, and in addition have beautiful nature, it is not surprising that so many young tourists want to visit these stunning countries.

Yes, Oceania does have beautiful white beaches, coral reefs, cute surfer boys/girls, but also big cities and friendly people, but it also has a lot more to offer. New Zealand has a waterfall at every corner, penguins strolling at the beach on the South Island, and more than 50 volcanos surrounding Auckland alone. One however cannot forget the Maori, the indigenous tribe of New Zealand. Their culture is still very much present today (as you will notice soon when you want to travel to places like the “Korokoro Falls” or “Whitianga”). The Kiwis (as the New Zealanders call theirselves) are a very friendly and always helpful bunch of people. When you come back home, you will most likely be shocked by how cold your culture actually is.

Australia too has beautiful nature and a different, but just as interesting culture – their indigenous tribe are the Aborigines, whose culture is sadly not as present as that of the Maori in New Zealand. Nonetheless, you can visit sites like the Uluru or the Kata Tjuta to get a taste of the Aboriginal culture.
If you like to surf, Australia is perfect for you – because most of Australia’s places of interest are located at the coast, you are almost always within driving distance of a beach.

If you are into summer, surfing, the beach, easy-going people and stunning nature, this is the place for you.


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