Is it important which airline you fly with?

There are cheaper and more expensive airlines – but does it matter what airline you fly with? Kinda.
If you live in the developed/Western world, it can be said that all the airlines are safe. If one airline is more expensive than the other, you usually pay additional money for comfort.

If you are nonetheless interested or maybe a little afraid of flying (like me), here is a list of the safest airlines of 2016.

When choosing an airline, apart from your budget of course, it is important to consider the duration of the flight. If the flight is relatively short, cheap airlines like EasyJet are a good option. They offer little comfort and you will have zero leg room, but the cost of the flight is rather low.
However, if you are going to be flying for a longer duration (like from any place in Europe to Australia), it is probably better to invest in a more expensive flight with more comfort (for example Emirates or Qantas).

And now, just for fun, a list of the most dangerous airlines – even though you will probably not have heard of any of the airlines on that list.


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