All you need to know about train reservations

Do I need a reservation?
If you want to travel by high-speed train, night train, or international trains, the chance is pretty high that you do need to reserve your train seat.
You can find out whether your train requires a reservation by using this tool. If you do need a reservation, book your train seat as early in advance as possible.
More information can be found here.


Can reservations be avoided?
You can’t always avoid a reservation, but sometimes there are regional trains available instead that do not require a reservation. Keep in mind that regional trains however do usually take longer. Use this tool to find out if there are other trains available that don’t require you to book a seat.
Find more info here.


Reservations in France
In France, almost all trains require a reservation. For the following trains, a train seat reservation is required.

  • TGV: on all domestic and international routes, except for TGV Lyria routes (France-Switzerland).
  • Thalys: on all routes between France and the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • Renfe-SNCF en cooperación: on all domestic and international routes.
  • InterCité trains: on some routes that require reservations.
  • Intercités de Nuit night trains: on all domestic and international routes.
  • ICE: on the routes Paris-Frankfurt, Paris-Munich and Paris-Stuttgart.

To find out more about reservations in France and how you can avoid traveling through France, click here.


How do I book the train reservations?
You can book your train seat reservations through a variety of options – by phone, online, directly through Interrail, or through the train company’s site itself.
This site explains everything about train reservations and how to book them. Here you can directly book your reservations through Interrail.


Reservation fees
The cost of the reservation depends on the type of train and your route. Try booking your seats as early in advance as possible.
Here you can find the price list for seat reservations in domestic trains listed by country.
If you are looking for the reservation fees for international trains, click here.
Night trains and their reservation fees can be found here.


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