My 5 favorite hostels in Barcelona

Finding cheap accommodation in Barcelona can be tricky – especially in the summer. And if you then also want to be close to the city center and want a nice, clean hostel, your options can be very limited. During my travels I have stayed in various hostels in Barcelona – and here are my top five.


1. Soul Backpackers Barcelona
Soul Backpackers is my favorite hostel in Barcelona, because for one it is very central: walking to the Arc de Triomf takes only around 3 minutes, it is directly next to a metro station (perfect if you arrive by plane), and even Plaça de Catalunya is only a 7 minute walk away. The hostel is very clean and the staff is friendly and always helpful as well. Like most other hostels, they offer free Wifi, free computers, and free maps. They also have a beautiful terrace and a café. Apart from the rooms being super clean, as mentioned, they are also really beautiful – it feels more like home than like a hostel.

2. Safestay Barcelona Gothic 
Safestay Barcelona Gothic Hostel is located farther south than the two hostels above – it is only a 5 minute walk to the harbour, and a 10 minute walk to Barceloneta. Plaça de Catalunya is however a 20 minute walk away, but being close to the beach definitely has its perks. This hostel too offers free Wifi, free computer access, and a beautiful terrace. What is special about this hostel is that it is wheelchair friendly, which not many hostels are. Also, the rooms and the whole hostel is very colorful with the walls being painted in different colors, and even the pillars supporting its heigh ceiling are green and orange.

3. Alternative Creative Youth Hostel 
This hostel is not as beautiful as Soul Backpackers, but its location is unbeatable. It is located directly in between Plaça Universitat and Plaça de Catalunya – neither of them being more than 100 meters away. They too offer free Wifi, free computers, free maps, and even free city tours. Even though the rooms are not that pretty, they are nonetheless very clean, and so are all the bathroom facilities.

4. Hola Hostal Eixample 
This hostel’s location is not the best, but it makes up for it with its facilities: Like any other hostel, it has free Wifi and free computer access, but it also offers a bike hire, book exchange, free breakfast, a big outdoor terrace, and it is also wheelchair friendly. Every night, the hostel offers a different type of get-together: Sometimes, they will serve (Vegetarian) Paella, which is cooked in front of your eyes, have Spaghetti Carbonara night, or organize a rooftop party with free Sangria. The rooms are also very spacious and clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Even though it is located in Eixample, the location is not that bad – Arc de Triomf is around 10 minutes away, and Plaça de Catalunya about 20.

5. Center Ramblas 
This hostel is number five because I cannot make my mind up about it. Its location is superb, and very hard to beat – it is located in a side street of La Rambla, with the Boqueria being a 1 minute walk away. They too offer free breakfast, free Wifi, and free computer access, however, the Wifi only works on the bottom floor, the rooms are a little cramped, and the showers don’t have a door you can lock, but instead a curtain that barely shields you from other peoples’ eyes. I nonetheless included this hostel on this list, because if you don’t need Wifi in your room and you are not shy, this hostel’s location is perfect.


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