The Beer Bible

Especially if you’re traveling to Germany, it is easy to become a little overwhelmed with the different types of beers. Yes, there are different brands – but in Germany, it is a little more complex than that: the different types of beers (independent from their brand) have different production processes, resulting in distinctive flavors. There are four main types of beers – but how do they differ in taste?


This beer is the typical beer. It tastes fresh, a little tart, and you can really taste the hops. It is the best-selling beer in Germany – Pils is for uncomplicated drinkers and the ideal beer to enjoy after work. It goes especially well with light appetizers or fish.

This is the allrounder amongst beers and especially popular in Southern Germany. Almost everyone likes its taste and it goes well with almost every type of food. Helles is made from light malt, making its flavor a little sweet, malty, and softer in taste.

Dunkles translates to “dark one” – reflecting its looks. In contrast to the typical yellow color of beer, Dunkles has a dark, almost brown color. This beer is full-flavored, a little sweet; it tastes malty and roasted. It goes best with a roast or a spicy vegetable stew.

Weizen is known for its almost fruity flavor. It is especially fizzy, making it a very refreshing type of beer. Weizen goes very well with spicy food, as the sweetness of the beer helps to tone down the spiciness of the dish.


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