How to flirt in German

Who doesn’t like flirting? And if you are partying in a German club or see someone you find attractive on the street, it will seem really charming if you approach him/her in German. Here are a few basic phrases and words teaching you how to flirt in German and how to communicate if it goes even further than that.

Tips: German women are used to being treated as equals. Also, often times, when you compliment them, they might laugh or not take it seriously.


Approaching someone
You are pretty/handsome – Du siehst gut aus
You are attractive – Du bist attraktiv
You have beautiful eyes – Du hast schöne Augen
Do you want to go out with me? – Darf ich dich auf ein Date einladen?
I like you – Ich mag dich/Ich finde dich gut
Do you want to meet me at the … ? – Wollen wir uns am … treffen?
Do you want me to pick you up? – Soll ich dich abholen?
Let’s go to the movies – Lass uns ins Kino gehen
I’m looking forward to our date! – Ich freue mich auf unser Treffen!

On a date 
What kind of music/movies do you like? – Welche Art von Musik/Filmen magst du?
What’s your favorite band? – Was ist deine Lieblingsband?
Do you have siblings? – Hast du Geschwister?
What’s your favorite TV Show? – Was ist deine Lieblingsserie?
Do you like to read? – Liest du gerne?
Are you into sports? – Magst du Sport?
Do you live nearby? – Wohnst du in der Nähe?


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