5 apps to help you find someone to travel the world with

If you are looking for a travel buddy but you will only take your phone with you on the road, it is probably easier to use an app than to search websites for a travel companion. So here are 5 free apps that help you find that perfect travel buddy.


1. Travelmate android only
On Travelmate, you can create your own profile and add your travel plans. Each country has its own “common room” in which you can see other users who are also planning to visit that country. The app allows you to apply filters such as age, gender, and travel dates to help you find the perfect travel buddy.

2. Tourlina android & apple
Tourlina is a female only app. You can search for travel buddies by selecting the place you want to travel to. The app will also ask you for your interests and match you with a fellow traveler with similar hobbies. Only verified users can chat with others.

3. Backpackr android & apple
Backpackr allows you to add all the countries you have already traveled to, as well as adding future travel plans. You can contact and befriend other users, or post in the “common room”.

4. Serentrip android & apple
With Serentrip you can search for travel companions by interest, gender, age, and destination. The app also allows you to upload stories and pictures from your travels, and to color in your travel world map.

5. Backpacker Buddy android only
Backpacker Buddy is similar to Backpackr – it also has a “discussion room” in which you can ask questions or look for a travel buddy. You can also add pins to your personal world map to show where you have already traveled to, and it lets you create your own bucket list.


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