5 websites to help you find someone to travel the world with

It doesn’t matter if you are only looking for a companion for a couple of days, or for a long-term travel buddy. These 5 websites will help you find what (or who) you are looking for.


1. Travel Buddies
Travel Buddies is a free service on which you can find cheap travel deals, but – most importantly – find a travel buddy. All you have to do is sign up, create your profile, and start searching.

2. Trav Buddy
Trav Buddy is very similar to Travel Buddies. Here too you have to sign up (for free) and create a profile, however on this site you can search by destination and by date. You can also apply filters, such as age, gender, and more, which helps you narrow down your search.

3. Thelma & Louise
This site is for females only. It is completely free and offers a wide range of filters you can apply in the search of your perfect travel buddy (such as age, hobbies, interests, destinations, etc.).

4. Companions2travel
This is not a free service! Companions2travel offers a free trial membership, but the normal cost is £5 per month. Here too you can apply search filters, and you can add interests to your own profile by which you will be matched up with other users.

5. MeetUp
MeetUp is a little different than the above websites. MeetUp is designed to help you find a group of travelers instead of a single person. Nonetheless, you can still search for different groups based on your interests.



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