The 3 best rooftop bars in Madrid

Madrid is full of rooftop bars. Some of them you can only spot at night, others you can’t see at all and will only know their location once someone lets you in on it. But exactly because there are so many of them; my favorite three:
(Keep in mind that rooftop bars tend to be a little more expensive.)


1. Hotel Oscar 
Plaza Vázquez de Mella 12
This is one of the more expensive rooftop bars, but for a reason. Hotel Oscar not offers you a great view over Gran Vía, but also spoils you with a pool on their rooftop terrace. If you want luxury, this is for you.


2. Gymage
Calle de la luna 2
This rooftop bar is very central too, directly in a side-street off the Gran Vía. Gymage is a very young and hip place and rather normally priced. They offer fake grass, hammocks to chill in, weirdly shaped plastic chairs (I guess it’s supposed to be art), and an infinity pool. If you feel like working out, there is a gym in the floor beneath.


3. El Viajero
Plaza de la Cebada 11 
A very loose, a very hip, a very green rooftop bar/restaurant. If you want to enjoy an amazing view, come here for sunset. You can watch the sun go down behind the churches of San Francisco and San Andreas.
Tip: they are famous for their mojitos!


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