Thinking about traveling to Asia?

Being the largest continent in the world, Asia offers an infinity of travel opportunities. When people mention Asia, many don’t think of it’s western part including Saudi Arabia, half of Turkey, Iran, or Russia.
Even though they definitely belong to Asia, I personally would not advise you to visit countries belonging to the Middle East right now. If you still decide to go, please consult your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs first.

The rest of Asia however is mostly considered to be very safe, especially South-East Asia. For this reason, SE Asia has become the region for backpacking-beginners. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, or Vietnam are very safe (for solo female travelers too). The people there are all very friendly and are used to (solo/female) backpackers.

Asia’s culture is very rich, and so is it’s nature. From beautiful temples to white beaches or the Great Wall of China, almost everything is worth a picture.
One thing to consider is that, because of its very different culture, they also have very different food with strange herbs and spices. If you know that your stomach is a little more sensitive, make sure to bring some medicine (against diarrhea, etc.) with you. Don’t worry though, after about a week your body will have gotten used to the new food.

So all in all, Asia is definitely worth a visit!


5 thoughts on “Thinking about traveling to Asia?

  1. Glad I didn’t read your post, warning against going to the Middle East until now. Back from 3 weeks in Israel from the Coast to the West Bank to the Golan Heights. Armenians, Jews, Palestinians and Christians were living at peace and desiring peace to continue. The danger comes from powerful men who lust for more power. They pull the triggers and light the matches at their will. Same thing here in the Western countries that are ruled by the criminally insane. Enjoy peace and be grateful for it, and like the people of Israel, pray it continues. The best we can do is walk in faith whenever and wherever we go.

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    1. Interesting insight! 🙂 I do understand that of course the Middle East is a big area and not every country or even region is “unsafe” – however, the Middle East remains to be a conflict area, which is why I mentioned it.
      Glad to hear you had an amazing time in Israel though!


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