Why Africa?

Finding out where you want to go can be difficult. It might be that there is a particular continent or country that is calling your name, but if there isn’t, you have the agony of choice.

Well, why Africa? Why not? Africa is the second largest continent – it consists of 55 countries and is incredibly diverse. In the North, you can find Egypt with its pyramids, or Tunisia and Morocco with the beautiful architecture and big markets. Or you can travel to Southern Africa, visit Zambia and Zimbabwe with their Victoria Falls, observe lions in Namibia, or go surfing in South Africa.

Africa has a lot to offer but – let’s not sugarcoat it – it also has a lot of dangerous places. If you are a solo traveler (especially if you are a woman), I would not advise you to visit countries such as the Congo, Chad, Sudan, Somalia, or Mali. If you still want to travel to these places, make sure to first check with your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to become aware of any dangers (i.e. diseases, warfares, etc.).

If you want to travel to Africa but you don’t feel comfortable going on your own, try looking for someone to travel with, such as a travel buddy.
Parts of Africa can definitely be dangerous, but you will also see incredible nature (some untouched), including wildlife, waterfalls, mountains, and just miles of nothingness.


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