Which visa is the right one for you?

Finding out if you need a visa is not always easy – but finding out what type of visa you need is even more tricky. For every destination, there are the same five basic types of visa:
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Transit Visa
A transit visa is needed if you are only traveling through the country – meaning you won’t stay longer than two days max. If you are i.e. flying from Germany to New Zealand but you have a one day layover in Dubai, you could apply for a Transit Visa – that way, you are allowed to leave the airport within these 24-48 hours. Make sure to only apply for a Transit Visa if you for sure won’t stay longer than two days, because getting a tourist visa is more difficult and maybe not possible within that short time frame.

Business Visa
This visa probably doesn’t apply to you, because it is only needed if you are working and relocating – but still working for the same company. The visa doesn’t allow you to work for a different company or store than the one you worked for when you applied.

Tourist Visa 
Many travelers apply for this type of visa if they’re not planning to work at their destination. A tourist visa usually lasts for 30 to 90 days (depending on the country), and it doesn’t allow you to work at all. If you do take on a paid job, there is always the possibility that you might have to leave the country.

Working Holiday Visa 
This is probably the most popular type of visa amongst long-time travelers, because it allows you to visit a country for several months at a time, and also allows you to work at your destination. You can take any type of paid job, but also “exchange-jobs” like “fruit picking in exchange for free accommodation”. However, it is somehow expected that you won’t be taking on a permanent job, but rather that you are traveling but also working at your stops.

Student Visa 
If you are planning to study in a foreign country (at a university), you will have to apply for a Student Visa. Usually, your university will take care of this for you.


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