Why should you go to North America?

North America is more than just the United States and Canada. North America also includes Mexico, Central America, and even Greenland.

If you are a city gal/guy, the US or Canada are probably for you. You have New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa, or Québec. Especially if you are from the Western world, the risk of having a culture shock is very slim with these countries. However, this can also be a downside because maybe you are looking to step outside your comfort zone and experience something completely new.
But apart from big cities, especially the United States have a lot of beautiful nature, such as the Grand Canyon, the Niagara Falls, or the Yosemite National Park. But Canada too has incredible places, for example the Historic Lunenburg, the Auyuittuq National Park, or Lake Louise.

Farther south, you can find Mexico and all of Central America, including Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, or Nicaragua.
Especially Mexico City and large parts of El Salvador are considered to be a little more dangerous, but best consult your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information.

Central America is definitely worth a visit – it too has beautiful nature, large rainforests, waterfalls, and a different way of living. People tend to be more relaxed and more open, making a traveler feel welcomed instantly. If you like to surf, Central America is perfect for you – El Salvador and Costa Rica in particular.

If you want to see it all and have a lot of time, consider starting in Greenland or Canada, and traveling all the way down to the south of Chile.


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