Carry-on Essentials

Packing your carry-on is just as important as packing your backpack, especially if you have a long flight ahead of you. If you need to bring medicine with you on the plane, remember that you cannot take more than 100ml of liquids, and that sometimes the airport security might also ask for the instruction leaflet or the packaging of the medicine.


  • Travel documents
    Airplane tickets, your passport, your driver’s license, some money, etc.
    This is definitely the most important part. If you forget anything else, you can and will get by, but without your tickets or your passport, you won’t be able to board the plane.
  • A book
    Alternative: headphones, phone, your game-boy (does that still exist), etc
    Of course, if you don’t like to read (shame on you), a book might not be for you. Almost all airplanes have a small TV anyhow so if you prefer to watch a movie or a series, not bringing a book in the first place does have its benefits (your luggage will be a lot lighter).
  • Fragile stuff 
    Especially if you are traveling with a backpack and not a suitcase, you might not want to store your fragile things in your luggage. I would recommend you to keep your camera, phone, tablet, notebook, etc. in your carry-on so that it doesn’t break, but also it is more convenient because you have it on you all the time.
  • Things for freshening up 
    Deodorant, a fresh set of clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a wash cloth, etc. 
    Especially if you’ll be flying for a long time, being able to freshen up in the airplane or at the airport can immediately make you feel so much better. Always bring a sweater or a jacket, because airplanes tend to get a little chilly.

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