3 websites to help you with your fear of flying

Wanting to travel the world but being afraid of flying is honestly not the best combination – believe me, I know what I’m talking about. For years I was convinced that I was going to die if I boarded the plane; I did it anyway. Now I’m still not a fan of flying but once I’m on the plane, I feel alright and I even look forward to the movie they’re showing.
If all you can think about is the plane you’ll have to board someday, here are four websites that might help you beat your fear.
If you want to read some of my tips on how to cope with your fear of flying, click here.


Fear Free Flying
Here you can find a variety of free articles on fear, fear of flying, flying, travel sickness, and how to cope with all of that. This website is really helpful because not only does it help you overcome your fear (at least a little), but it also features articles such as “How many planes are there in the sky” or “Coping with airport delays”: They take into account every small situation that might cause anxiety, but also it offers some technical facts helping you to understand planes for example, which in turn might make you less afraid.

Fear of Flying Clinic
The Fear of Flying Clinic offers a variety of courses and programs that are designed to help you overcome your fear of flying. I admit that these courses are definitely not cheap, so if you think you can cope on your own, don’t sign up. However if you want nothing more than to travel the world (without going by boat or car), but you just can’t even bring yourself to book a flight online, let alone get on an actual plane, these courses might be for you.

Fear of Flying
This website offers courses to help you beat your fear, but they also have some free help videos and articles, as well as a forum and a chat. If you are flying soon, they even have a hotline you can call and that will offer you immediate help.


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