My favorite 3 vintage clothing shops in Barcelona

Barcelona is the eldorado of vintage – one of the main streets for vintage shopping is Carrer dels Tallers, a side-street right off La Rambla. Here, you can find anything from vintage vinyls and second hand books to – most importantly (for this article at least) – vintage clothing. Allow me to introduce – my favorite three vintage shops.


1. Flamingos Vintage Kilo 
Carrer dels Tallers 68 & 31 | Carrer d’Avinyo 24 | Carrer de Ferlandina 1
This shop is packed with clothing – shoes on the floor, several racks of clothing stacked above each other, and coats hanging from the ceiling. Here the clothes aren’t priced individually, but you buy by the kilo. You can find anything from high-heeled boots and flashy hats to flowery dresses and the typical Hawaiian shirts.


2. Love Vintage 
Carrer de Bertrellans 7
Love Vintage gets new clothes every Monday – both second hand and vintage. Most of their clothes are from the seventies, eighties, and nineties, but you can find even older pieces as well. They have everything from boots, denim jackets and hats, to rock tees and christmas jumpers. Definitely one of the best vintage shops out there!


3. Holala! 
Carrer dels Tallers 73 | Carrer de Valldonzella 6
Holala! is not your typical vintage clothing shop – here, you don’t pay by kilo and can almost be described as a “luxury vintage shop”. Each item of clothing is carefully selected and priced at around 30 – 40€. Even though the prices are a little higher, it is still worth taking a look at.


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