The best 5 (gay) venues to party at in Chueca, Madrid

Chueca is a region within Madrid, and it absolutely famous for its gay scene – it is one of the biggest in all of Spain. Here you can find anything from nude clubs and drag shows to gay strip clubs and sing-along bars. Here are the best and craziest bars/clubs in Chueca:


1. LL Bar
Calle Pelayo 11
The LL Bar is a popular gay club with drag shows and gay strippers. It has two floors: downstairs you can find a bar for relaxing and drinking in quiet, while on the first floor you can enjoy the shows they put on each night. Even if you’re not gay or not a guy, you can still come here to have a good time.


2. Bambalinas Bar
Calle Pelayo 74 
If you love musicals and a good time out, this is your bar. Bambalinas plays musical tunes all night long and shows movies like Moulin Rouge in the background. The bar is rather small in size so you quickly get to know the people around you, making a night out at Bambalinas seem like a private party. The bar is LGTBQ+ friendly, but everyone is welcome.


3. El Tigre
Calle de las Infantas 30 
El Tigre is the typical bar for students – with each drink you get free tapas, making it the ideal place to pregame. The bar is always full and if you want to get to know young people, start your night out here.


4. Truco
Calle de Gravina 10
Truco mainly plays music from the 80s and 90s, but also new hits are sometimes played. It is a very young and hip bar, and especially popular amongst lesbians. If you are not gay, or a guy, you are still more than welcome.


5. Black and White 
Calle de la libertad 34 
This is one of the most popular gay night clubs in Madrid since the eighties. Downstairs you can find a normal dance floor, and upstairs regular drag shows are put on.


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