Impressions: The truth about Glasgow

Glasgow is definitely not only the biggest city in Scotland, but also the most irregular. It is difficult to come up with a word that accurately describes this place. The one word that comes closest, no matter how basic it may sound, is “real” – Glasgow is real.
Whilst Scotland’s capital Edinburgh is charming and magical throughout; Glasgow does have some alluring features – but most of the time they are either next to a busy road or a full trash can.When first walking down Glasgow’s main shopping lane, Buchanan Street, the city seems impressive – to your left and to your right, nothing but Victorian facades with high-end brands crammed inside them. But when one looks outside the high street and – Heaven forbid! – glances into one of the small alleyways one might easily overlook when dazzled by luxury, you will find stacked garbage almost reaching the first floor, homeless people covering themselves in the one blanket they have left, no matter how dirty or torn it is, and – to put it simple – desperation.

But Glasgow wouldn’t be Glasgow if it didn’t try to cover up this desolation with a little street art here and there – nice try.

Glasgow Botanical Gardens
The streets of Glasgow
Glasgow Botanical Gardens
Glasgow Green in fall
When everything is a blur
The University of Glasgow (who would have guessed?)
Walking up to the University of Glasgow


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

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