Where to find cheap and amazing food in Barcelona

I know from experience that finding good (and cheap) food is not always easy – especially not in metropolis like Barcelona. The following three food places are delicious and pretty cheap – and some of my favorites.

1. Maoz 
Carrer de Ferran 13 
Maoz is located right next to La Rambla, close to Plaça Reial. It is a very small “restaurant” that sells homemade falafel and fries. What makes them special is the included salad buffet: They don’t only sell salad as you know it, but chickpea salad, lentil salad, different toppings such as “pan con tomate mash”, chopped up vegetables, and a variety of sauces, including alioli, tahini, mayonnaise, and many more. The salad buffet is all-you-can-eat, so don’t eat your wrap at once, because then you won’t get a “refill”.

2. 100 montaditos
At very second corner in all of Spain
Montaditos are tiny baguettes filled with different things. 100 montaditos is like the Spanish version of McDonald’s – one montadito costs 1€ and they have 100 different ones – hence the name. You can get the bread filled with things like tortilla, tortilla with alioli, camembert, bree cheese and green peppers, chorizo (Spanish spicy sausage), etc. It is perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, eat delicious food, but still want to try Spanish food.

3. Forns del pi
Carrer de Ferran 12 or Carrer de l’Hospital 38-40
Forns del Pi is a mix between a bakery and a restaurant, depending on the branch. Here you can get the typical pastries, but also traditional Spanish food like patatas bravas or pan con tomate.


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