Madrid: Hidden Gems you don’t want to miss

Madrid is a beautiful city and full of interesting sights – no doubt about that. But if you already visited all the typical tourist spots in Madrid or you just feel like seeing something a little different, these following locations are for you:


Estación de Chamberí Chamberi Metro Station 
This metro station was built in 1919 but closed soon afterwards and never used again. In 2008, it was converted into a museum and can now be visited. Because it hasn’t been used for decades, it still looks exactly the way it did in the twenties and is worth a visit.

Ragtime Libros Used book fair 
You love to read but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Perfect, then Ragtime Libros is for you: it is a fair for used books and is there almost every day. Prices and titles depend on the booth – you can find books in several languages, ranging from 1€ to 15€.

Calle de las huertas 
This is a street close to Puerta del Sol and Atocha. Pay attention to the ground, because every couple of meters you can find a short quote of the most famous Spanish authors, poets, etc. Apart from that, it is a beautiful street with a lot of street art.
If you come here in the evenings or at night, all the bars and restaurants are open and the street turns into one big club – or that’s what it feels like.

Chueca is a region within Madrid and famous for its gay scene. If you come here during the day, you won’t find many interesting things to do, but if you visit Chueca at night, you’ll be able to see it in full glory. Here you can find gay clubs, lesbian clubs, gay strip bars, drag queen shows, and more.
If you want to know which clubs in Chueca are the best, click HERE.

Caixa Forum 
The Caixa Forum is close to El Retiro and home to varying exhibitions. The entry price is relatively cheap and the Caixa’s architecture is pretty interesting as well.
Right around the corner you can find a hanging garden on a wall – be careful though, because water is constantly dripping down and regularly showers people.


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