Top 9: Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches

Costa Rica is known for its incredible nature – volcanos, rain forest, waterfalls – it’s all there. Of course, if your goal is to relax at as many beautiful beaches as possible, Costa Rica is the perfect destination. So here are 9 stunning playas in Central America’s gem:


1. Tamarindo Beach 
If you like surfing, this beach is perfect for you – even if you are just a beginner. If you however only like to swim, you can also do this safely at this beach. If you stay in Tamarindo for longer, be sure to also visit the beach of Langosta.

2. Conchal Beach 
This beach is less frequently visited, but almost even more beautiful than a lot of other beaches in Costa Rica. Conchal Beach has completely white sand, small sea shells, and very clear water. Because of the clarity of the water, this beach is perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

3. Manzanillo Beach 
White sand and turquoise, clear water – that’s what you can expect from Manzanillo Beach. Because it is home to many coral reefs, it is perfect for swimming, kayaking or -of course – snorkeling.

4. Manuel Antonio Beach 
This is a very popular beach in Costa Rica, but also one of the most beautiful. It is located in a national park – the Manuel Antonio National Park. To reach the beach, you have to hike through the park for about 30 minutes, and you’ll see beautiful rain forest, stunning wild life, and more beaches on the way.

5. Playa Avellana 
Playa Avellana is also nicknamed “Little Hawaii” because of its massive waves (up to 5 meters high), and attracts a lot of professional surfers. But even for swimming or just relaxing in the sun, this white-sanded beach is absolutely perfect.

6. Playa Hermosa
This translates to “beautiful beach” – and the beach really does do its name justice. It is a little hidden, so you won’t find a lot of people around. Playa Hermosa is also very close to Playa del Coco, another stunning beach.

7. Playa Samara 
This beach is one of the whitest and safest beaches in Costa Rica. Here, you can safely swim, kayak, snorkel, dive, or surf. It is also very popular amongst locals.

8. Playa Arcos 
Here you will most likely be the only person at the beach, because Playa Arcos is one of the best hidden beaches of Costa Rica. It is so secret because it is very difficult to reach – Arcos Beach is surrounded by steep hills covered in rainforest. However, once you arrive at the beach, it is definitely worth it.

9. Nacascola Beach 
Nacascola Beach is located on the Papagayo Peninsula. Because the beach is rather hidden, you are very likely to be the only person at the beach. From here, you can also kayak over to Nacascola – it takes less than an hour. Because the waters are very calm and clear, Nacascola Beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking.


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