7 things you don’t want to miss in Hamburg

If you travel to Germany, you’re most likely visiting either Berlin, Munich – or, if you want a mix of both – Hamburg: Hamburg has Berlin’s crazy nightlife but Munich’s beauty. Here are the most popular things to see in Hamburg:


1. Speicherstadt
Speicherstadt, 20457 Hamburg
The Speicherstadt in the harbour of Hamburg is a definite must-see. It is the largest complex of warehouses in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. Altstadt
Hamburg-Altstadt, 20457 Hamburg
The Altstadt is the oldest neighborhood in Hamburg. Here you can visit the old city gates and the remains of the Hammaburg, a castle that was destroyed in 845 by the vikings.

2. St. Pauli
St. Pauli, 20457 Hamburg
This is the perfect neighborhood for going out: In St. Pauli you can find anything from gay (strip) clubs and nude bars to drag queen shows. The most well known street in this neighborhood is the Reeperbahn.

3. Reeperbahn
Reeperbahn, 20457 Hamburg
You can’t leave Hamburg without having seen the Reeperbahn. If you want to see it in action, come here after dark.
Here you can find the weirdest clubs, sex shops, (gay) strip clubs, drag queen shows, and a large red-light district for all genders and from all genders.
Tip: If you’re traveling with children, still come here, but know that they will see various sex toys (they’re on display in the windows).

4. Elbphilharmonie
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg
Opened at the beginning of this year (after a seven-year delay), the concert house is now the new landmark of Hamburg. Unless you have quite a lot of money on your hands, you sadly can’t watch an actual concert, but you can book a tour online (10-20€).

5. Fischmarkt
Große Elbstraße 9, 22767 Hamburg
Because Hamburg is located at the ocean, fish is one of its specialties and can be found at every food truck. The Fischmarkt is the largest fish market in Hamburg and opens every Sunday between 5am and 9.30am (November-March: 7am to 9.30am). Because it now serves mainly as a tourist attraction, you can find anything from fish (obviously) and other food to live chickens, phone cases and even carrier pigeons. 

6. Hanseviertel
Poststraße 33, 20354 Hamburg
The Hanseviertel is a large mall in the centre of Hamburg and includes even a hotel, flats, offices, and parking spaces. Even if you don’t want to go shopping, it is still worth a visit.

7. Alsterarkaden
Alsterarkaden 10, 20354 Hamburg
This is a typical sight in Hamburg that will make a great Instagram picture – or any other picture. The arcades are modeled after the Italian style and a definite eye-catcher.
Tip: Don’t eat/drink in the cafés or restaurants along the arcades, because the prices are extremely high.


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