New Zealand, Day 1: Auckland

After three flights, 23 hours of flight time, and 34 hours of total travel time, I finally arrived in Auckland. The view from the airplane was absolutely stunning and I was eager to leave the airport – but apparently, the airport wasn’t ready to let me go just yet: I got stopped at customs. 

If you know a little something about new Zealand, you know that they are very strict when it comes to entering their country – not particularly because you might be a danger to the new Zealanders, but rather because you might danger the country’s nature and Wildlife. You are not allowed to bring any kinds of foods or drinks with you, your shoes will be checked for dirt, and – if you’re as unlucky as me – they might even check the contents of your bags. 

They took meto a separate section of the airport, which was fairly empty except for a few large metal desks. They asked me to place all my belongings on that table, including my sweater and my phone. Then the police officer started asking me heaps of questions – like why I came to New Zealand, if I know all the contents in my bag, if I am traveling alone or meeting someone here, and whether or not I am transporting goods for someone else. They asked me about my bookings, how I plan to travel around New Zealand, what exactly it is I will do, where I will stay, and when I will leave. 

Then they started to empty my bags – yes, completely. They unrolled every single piece of clothing, even checked my wallet, and then took an X-RAY of my empty bag. All of that took 1,5 hours and – surprise – they didn’t find anything. 

So after that traumatic experience (it felt like I was on trial) I made my way into Auckland’s city centre. Luckily, I immediately found my hostel, checked in, and took a shower. Because it was already around 7pm when I was done showering, I only took a short stroll through the city and got some food. 

Here are some impressions: 

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5 thoughts on “New Zealand, Day 1: Auckland

  1. Tēnā Koutou! Looks like you had a lovely time in the land of the long white cloud!! I recently looked at some beautiful New Zealand architecture, which crosses over the traditional Māori culture and modern building techniques, would love for you to check it out! Happy Sunday 🙂

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