New Zealand, Day 2: Auckland

The second day in Auckland. I got up pretty late, mainly because I was still a little jetlagged, but partly because my roommates just couldn’t keep quiet. 

Just like the day before, I didn’t have a concrete plan, so I walked around for a little before heading to the harbour. Both queen’s wharf and princes wharf are a must-see: the water is of an absolutely beautiful turquoise, the atmosphere is as relaxing as it can be, and Auckland’s harbour is one of the biggest natural harbours in the world. If you are hungry or just looking for some cheap and delicious food, there are plenty of food huts around. 

After relaxing at the harbour for an hour (in the sun of course), I headed back into the CBD to grab some food. Auckland is heavily influenced by a variety of Asian cultures – almost every food booth you see offers Chinese, Japanese or Thai food. Because I’m not a huge fan of Asian cuisine (except indian), I bought some cheap pasta off of Queen’s Road, a minute away from the skytower. 

In the early evening then I decided to walk up to The Domain and the National Museum. On the way, I stopped for a quick break in Albert Park, though really, it wasn’t that exciting. The Domain on the other hand is an absolutely stunning park – the trees are huge and beautiful, and there are more than a few ponds and lakes around, and even a tiny waterfall. The Wintergarden looked beautiful from the outside, but unfortunately I couldn’t go in because it was already closed for the day. The national museum looked exactly like in the travel book, and from there you really have an incredible view over the entirety of Auckland. 

Here are a few pictures I took today:

National museum
National museum
Queen’s Wharf

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