New Zealand, Day 3: Hot Water Beach

Even though I really liked Auckland, I was glad to leave it after spending three days with the worst roommates one can imagine. I decided to book the Funky Chicken Pass by Kiwi Experience, and the first stop on the route was Hot Water Beach.

The bus ride was fairly relaxing; the driver played loud music, and every once in a while he told a little something about what we were passing by – for example, he mentioned that in the surroundings of Auckland alone you can find around 48 volcanoes.

It only took us about five hours to get to Hot Water Beach (including breaks of course). After arriving, we checked into our hostel for the night and then made our way down to the beach. The driver supplied only a few shovels, so we separated into smaller groups – and started digging.

At first, the digging was kind of fun, because we were all just starting to getting to know each other. But then it became intense. We had to dig a hole about one metre deep before we finally saw a little water. After about 20 minutes of digging, we had a tiny little hole in the sand before us -and, believe it or not, the water was cold. Finding this very odd (after all, it’s called Hot Water Beach), we asked around and found that all the people around us only dug up cold water too. So we moved a little and just as we started to dig a new hole, a group of people in a hole asked us if we wanted to have their hole, because they were leaving.

The new hole was everything we had hoped for. It was deep enough for all of our thighs being covered, and – most importantly – the water was warm. Overall, the water was probably about 35 degrees warm, but in some parts, it was even warmer. I started to dig a tiny hole with my foot while enjoying the warmth, and the water that touched my foot was so hot, I almost burnt it. After that, I would have enjoyed nothing more than a quick refreshing swim in the ocean, but – beware – Hot Water Beach is one of the most dangerous beaches in all of New Zealand, and swimming is definitely not advised.

Hot Water Beach
Hot Water Beach

Later in the day, our bus took everyone who felt like it to the Cathedral Cove walk. It took us about 35 minutes to reach the Cathedral Cove, but it was absolutely worth it. The weather wasn’t that great, but the cove was beautiful nonetheless. 

Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove Walk

After showering and changing, I spent the evening cooking and playing cards with my roommates for the night.
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