New Zealand, Day 8: Wai-o-tapu

Today, I made my way from Rotorua to Wai-o-tapu, a “geothermal wonderland”. There are shuttles available, however they are very expensive, and as we were four people, we took a taxi and split the cost.

Wai-o-tapu was definitely worth the money. For $20, you get to spend the entire day in the park – and if you are good at hiding, even longer. There are several different walks within the park: some are only about 20min long, others an hour, and the walk I did took almost four – but it was a combination of all the walks available, because I didn’t want to miss out on anything. 

Wai-o-tapu has a lot to offer. There is the Lady Knox geyser that is definitely worth a visit, but also several big craters, beautiful lakes in odd floors, waterfalls, cliffs, caves, and – Wai-o-tapu’s highlight – the Champagne Pool. 

The Champagne Pool

Everything you see is absolutely beautiful, but every second thing you see seems to top the first thing. The Champagne Pool and the Artist’s Palette however are without a doubt the most stunning things you will come across. The Artist’s Palette is overflowing water from the Champagne Pool, both having beautiful colours due to different minerals. 

Artist’s Palette

If you travel with Kiwi Experience, they will take you to Te Puia, a geyser, on your way out of Rotorua. Personally, I would recommend you to visit the Wai-o-tapu instead, because there you have a geyser, but also so much more than that, and you can do it in your own time. If you find the transport too expensive, you can try to hitchhike – I hitchhiked back to Rotorua, and it was fairly easy because almost everyone there is driving back to Rotorua. 

The Lady Knox Geyser
Devil’s Bath

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