Off the beaten track: Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the most popular cities in Germany amongst travelers – and for a good reason. Hamburg has a crazy night life, but even during the day it is a beautiful city. If you’ve never been to Hamburg before and you only have 3 days or less, visit this site to read about the most popular sights in Hamburg.
If you have more time however or you have already done the typical Hamburg travel itinerary, take a look at these 5 hidden gems:


1. Ottensen
Ottensen, 20457 Hamburg
Ottensen is one of Hamburg’s most fashionable neighborhoods – and also one of its most expensive. Ottensen is a very lively area – here you can find tons of bars, cafés, restaurants, pubs, and more – all situated in beautiful old buildings. Because Ottensen is famous for its fashion, art, and culture, is also called “Little Paris” and definitely worth a visit.

2. Park Fiction, St. Pauli
Park Fiction, 20359 Hamburg
The area around St. Pauli is famous for its nightlife, especially the Reeperbahn. But if you don’t feel like partying, St. Pauli still has beautiful sights to offer, one of them being the Park Fiction. Park Fiction is a park right next to the Elbe (a river), where you also have an amazing view of the harbor.

3. Herr Max, Schanzenviertel
Schulterblatt 12, 20357 Hamburg
Herr Max is a patisserie shop and one of the most beautiful in Hamburg at that. With the building being from 1905, Herr Max is famous for its high ceilings, the carefully crafted stucco, and – of course – its delicious pastries. Here you can find normal baked goods like brownies or cookies, but also cakes in the shape of a giant fishing boat, a tongue, or even the face of Axl Rose.

4. Schellfischposten
Carsten-Rehder-Straße 62, 22767 Hamburg
Schellfischposten is at least 100 years old and hence the oldest sailor’s bar in Hamburg. Here you can find the best beer and cheap fish sandwiches. The German TV show “Inas Nacht” is also recorded here.


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