3 types of alternative (and free!) accommodation

If you don’t feel like just staying in a hostel, there are plenty of other options. The following three types of accommodation are not conventional, but they are definitely worth a try.

1. Wwoof.net
Wwoofing is becoming increasingly popular. Wwoof.net links organic farmers and volunteers. With wwoof, travelers apply to work on a chosen farm for free in exchange for accommodation. What exactly you have to do and how many hours a week you have to work for depends on your host.

2. Helpx.net
Helpx is very similar to wwoof.net – here too you help someone in exchange for free accomodation. The difference though is that on Helpx, a variety of people are looking for help. It might be that someone is looking for a person to teach them some English, whilst another person might need help with their children.

3. Couchsurfing
Couchsurfing is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of staying at a hostel, you sleep on someone’s couch. This however is free and you get to know locals (they often have some secret tips).


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