The 5 most stunning natural spectacles in Zambia

Zambia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Apart from its friendly and welcoming people, Zambia is also known for its stunning nature and wildlife. If you travel to Zambia, make sure not to miss out on the following five natural “attractions”:


1. Victoria Falls 
This is #1 for a reason, because the Victoria Falls are one of the 7 natural wonders of the world – and they definitely live up to it. When you first approach the area of the falls separating Zambia and Zimbabwe, you can’t see them – but you can hear the water crashing down. The Victoria Falls are the largest in the world and for sure the most impressive. You can walk on a small path near the falls, but because there is so much water coming down, you will most definitely get wet – even though you are quite far away.
I have never felt more alive than standing in front of the Victoria Falls, getting soaked – even though the mist of the water destroyed my camera.
If you visit Zambia and end up not going to the Victoria Falls, you will miss out big time.

2. Lower Zambezi National Park
This park is perfect if you want to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Because it is located directly next to the Zambezi river, you can watch all kinds of animals coming out of the water, or going in for a small bath. Apart from that, Zambezi river is also one of the most beautiful you will ever see – the water is crystal-clear and in the distance you are even able to see the mist of the Victoria Falls.

3. South Luangwa National Park
South Luangwa is the biggest wildlife sanctuary worldwide, as it is located next to the Luangwa River. This park is perfect for booking a “walking safari”, because you are able to see a lot more, you are a lot more flexible, and you are more likely to see a large variety of animals – in total, there are 60 species of animals (and 400 bird species) in South Luangwa National Park.

4. Kafue National Park
Kafue National Park is the biggest wildlife in Zambia, and even one of the largest in all of Africa. It is located two hours from Livingston and even offers accommodation, if you want to stay for longer. Kafue is ideal for spotting leopards or cheetahs, and of course many other animal species.

5. Blue Lagoon National Park
This park was just recently opened to the public and this thus not that overrun by tourists yet. Here you can find vast floodplains and watch herds of zebras, buffalos, and waterbirds take a swim or relax in the water.


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