The Best Way To Experience Iceland

It was a Thursday morning in London, and my original plans to go to Iceland had fallen through; I looked on Couchsurfing to try to find travelers and out of the 10 people I messaged, one finally messaged back. A guy from India living in Germany, his message said:

“I’m already going there today. It’s awesome if you join me. I’m there till 6th of October, I think it might be a very short notice for you. Btw camper van is a great idea, I’m game for it.”

There it was, a beacon of hope in finally completing my dream of wanting to go to Iceland. I booked my ticket for the first flight out and arrived in Reykjavik. I met with Mayank at a coffee shop in the center of town, it was a beautiful day. We decided on using the company “Go Campers” to rent our camper and we took a bus there. We went through the whole process of renting out the camper and then finally, we were on our way. The next few days held some of the most incredible experiences of my life.

For any traveler planning to stay outside of Reykjavik, I recommend you to do most of your grocery shopping in Reykjavik because the groceries are much cheaper there than elsewhere. We found that the groceries in Vik were about 2-3x more expensive.

These are the three places that I recommend ANYBODY driving the southern coast of Iceland stop.


1. Skogafoss
This waterfall is just incredible. So massive and you can just sit there for hour just staring at it. It really holds your gaze for being so strong and powerful. Although the waterfall is beautiful, that isn’t even the best part. There is a metal staircase to the right of the waterfall which brings you up right to the side of it and seeing the views from up there are almost sickening because you are so close to the edge but being up there is like no other. There is a trail that takes you along the river that is flowing to the waterfall and I recommend doing that because from there, you see smaller waterfalls. Mayank and I walked and walked just taking in the natural beauty. Unfortunately, it started raining and we were unable to safely make the full trip. We made our way back down.



2. Jokulsarlón
Words can’t describe what it is like seeing this place for the first time. Mayank and I were driving and we came across a small opening from this lagoon, and when I saw the size of the icebergs, I could not hold my emotions. We ended up going to the main entrance of the lagoon and just sat there as we watched the sun go down. I never really thought I’d ever see an iceberg in my life, and just sitting there and watching the float was something unforgettable. It was very dark at a point and we were able to see some of the Northern Lights through the clouds. It was without a doubt a night I will not soon forget. We ended up staying the night in the camper right at that location. We met a group of these women from Italy and we shared a nice dinner together. That night was the heaviest rainstorm I have ever been through, I just put in my headphones and tried to sleep it off, but the shaking off the car from the wind was the scariest part. I was worried the car would flip over and fall into the water. It’s safe to say I was relieved to wake up to stunning weather the next morning. Seeing all those icebergs under the gleam of the sun, was even more incredible than the night before. I just sat on top of a hill, playing the guitar.



3. Reynisfjara
Right before you reach Vik, this beach is on the way there and this is a spot you can’t miss. The black sand beach is an incredible view with all the stunning rock formations. The basalt columns that you can climb on and sit on. The beautiful ocean just hitting so violently. This place is the perfect place to just go and relax for a bit. No hiking, just sit on the beach, take in the landscapes and enjoy the fact that you are in Iceland. That’s what Mayank and I did.



Iceland is an incredible country and I recommend anyone to go. The absolute best way to see Iceland is to rent a camper-van and to sleep wherever you like. You don’t have hotel reservations you need to make, all you have is the road ahead of you to worry about. Looking back, I would do that trip all over again.


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