Off the beaten track: Paris

Paris – the city of love, but the city of so much more. If you’ve already seen the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel-tower, you might be ready for some some lesser known sights in Paris – that are just as beautiful though.


1. Le mur des je t’aime
Square Jean Rictus, Place des Abbesses, 75018 Paris
The “I love you wall” is situated in the artsy neighborhood Montmartre. It is a wall covered in more than 250 languages and 300 varieties of the phrase “I love you”.

2. Shakespeare and Company
37 rue de la Bûcherie. 75005 Paris
This bookshop – where even Hemingway used to buy his books – is right across the street from Notre Dame and the most beautiful out there. It is crammed to the ceiling with books, the shelves are so close to each other than no more than 2 people fit next to each other, and even the stairs are covered with books. On the first floor you can sit down and read, and there’s a piano that anyone can – and will – play. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a celebrity (Owen Wilson and many more are known to shop here).

3. GoldyMama
99 Rue Orfila, 75020 Paris
Here you can find the best vintage clothes in all of Paris. GoldyMama sells hand-picked clothes from as far back as the forties – all washed clean and neatly ironed. The staff is also very friendly and always helpful.

4. Canal St. Martin
This neighborhood is one of the hippest, youngest and liveliest in Paris – it is full of beautiful cafés, alternative restaurants and stores, and has the greatest collection of graffiti.

5. Viaduc des Arts
10 Cour du Marché Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris
Viaduc des Arts is without a doubt one of the most beautiful promenades in Paris: the ex-railway track is lined with trees and is home to the greatest collection of cafés, art galleries and ateliers.



14 thoughts on “Off the beaten track: Paris

  1. Wonderful list you’ve gathered here! I’ve recently moved to France from Los Angeles and every visit to Paris is something new to me. You’re so right, it is NOT simply a city of romance, there is so much to discover – art, food, literature, and so much more!
    Anyways, I stumbled across your site looking for travel blogs as I am planning on opening up my book blog to include my travels as well so reading yours is definitely an inspiration.

    Looking forward to more of your posts in the future… happy travels! L(


  2. I have been to Paris years ago; I was on work and travelling alone.I missed all the 5 sites recommended by you. (It was still beautiful though!). The next time I will travel with my wife and will surely follow your recommendation!


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