Prague – The best 3 Spots for that Bird-Eye View

Prague is an extremely beautiful city filled with stunning, old architectural masterpieces. With the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, it is without a doubt one of the most attractive cities in Europe. So if you want to have the ultimate view and be able to take it all in from above, make sure to check out the following three spots.

1. The Klementinum

The Klementinum is home to not only one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, the Baroque Library, but also to the ancient Astronomical Tower. From up there, you have the most incredible view over all of Prague. You can see both the Charles Bridge in the distance, as well as the Prague Castle on top of the hill. The Klementinum entry fee for adults is 300 Koruna, and 200 Koruna for students.

2. The Powder Tower

Many people stop to take pictures of the tower, but the least notice that you can actually go up the tower. From here, you also have a great view over Prague, but from a different perspective. Whilst you can still see the Prague Castle, you are also able to see the old town hall in its full beauty, and you get to see the other end of Prague city. At 100 Koruna per adult it is also less expensive than the Klementinum, and you can stay up there for as long as you want to.

3. Vysehrad

This is the least known out of all three, and my personal favorite. Vysehrad is a beautiful old church with a large cemetery, but right next to it you can also find a small park. In the evening, bands will sometimes be playing, giving it all a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. If you follow the path through the park, you end up at the old city wall – or better, its remains. From there, you have an absolutely incredible view over the other side of Prague. You cannot see the Charles Bridge anymore, but instead you can see all of the Moldau, and you feel like this is where heaven must begin.

Enjoy Prague and if you know any other spots with amaying views, let me know down below!

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