Beating Post-Travel Depression: 5 Tips

The most difficult thing about traveling is almost always the day your trip comes to an end. Whether you’ve been on the road for just a couple weeks or you’re returning home after a few years abroad, post-travel depression can hit you hard.
This article offers some tips that might help you finally beat that PTD for good.


How do I know if I’ve got Post-Travel Depression?
If the end of your trip is coming closer and you’re starting to feel blue, you might have just caught PTD. It certainly lives up to its name, making you feel depressed about returning home, and can include symptoms like lack of motivation or exhaustion.

I have suffered from my fair share of Post-Travel Blues. I usually can’t enjoy the last days of my trip to the fullest because all I can think about is that I will have to leave soon and return home.
Even though coming home can be amazing, it can also be just as devastating. The worst feeling is being home, driving through the tiny town you grew up in and realising that everyone and everything is exactly the way you left it – whilst you yourself might be a different person on the inside.

Traveling and seeing the world changes you. You might be more confident, have gained a new perspective, or just feel different in general. Then returning home to the old friends that still haven’t left your tiny city can make you feel terrible.
The first few days everyone is still excited you’re back and wants to hear your stories, but after a week no one is interested anymore. And even if they do want to see all the photos and videos, it can be depressing to not be able to convey the feelings you felt, the things you actually experienced and lived through.

If you’re trying to beat post-travel depression right now, I feel you. I hope these tips help.


1. Book Your Next Trip 
This might only be a temporary solution, but it always helps me. Planning and booking your next trip will make you feel excited and it will help you get over the PTD you’re experiencing right now.
In a way, it kind of works like a rebound.

2. Join Backpacking Groups 
I am currently part of at least ten different travel and backpacking groups on various social platforms, mostly facebook.
Being part of these groups enables you to live vicariously through the other travellers, and sharing your wisdom can never hurt.
And you never know – maybe it’ll help you discover your next dream destination.

3. Keep busy 
This is probably the most important tip.
When feeling blue, it is essential to divert your attention and just keep busy doing who-knows-what. Whether it be meeting up with friends, finally reading all the books on your bucket list, or signing up for a gym membership – as long as you’re busy, anything works.

4. Try something new 
Instead of returning to the old life you had before leaving, consider making some small changes so that you’ll come back to a new and more diverse life.
Trying something new will not only keep you busy, but it might also help you discover a hidden talent or an unknown passion. Plus: it just brings some new light into your life.

5. Think Back 
When the blues hit you especially hard, crawl into bed and look at your photos, your videos, and maybe even re-read your travel journal. Allow yourself to wallow, to dive deep into the nostalgia and to have a day of – mourning.
Just like after a break-up, it is important to give yourself some time to be sad, but then also make sure to pick yourself up again.



Have you ever had to beat post-travel depression or are you currently trying to get through it?
If you have any more tips, put them in the comments below and help out fellow travellers! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Beating Post-Travel Depression: 5 Tips

  1. I start to develop symptoms of this as soon as I arrive at my destination. :S When we arrived in Taiwan in May and planned to be there for 2 weeks I could just imagine how fast that time would fly by and how sad I will be then. But I sucked it up and enjoyed while it lasted. It usually also helps to plan some trips, even if you don’t book them. Just to be in this travel mood.

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