5 Things You Cannot Miss in Ljubljana

When I first looked up pictures of Ljubljana online, I was amazed at how beautiful it was. Usually, a city this pretty tends to be rather popular, yet when I mentioned to my friends that I was going to travel to Ljubljana, the majority of them didn”t even know it was located in Slovenia. So here are five reasons why you should visit Ljubljana.


1. Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle is a definite must-see. The entire old  part of the town is built in a circle around the hill the castle is on, which you can beautifully see from above. To get to the castle, you can either take a funicular (4 Euro) or walk. I highly recommend the walkway, because it only takes around 7 minutes, and in some parts you also have an incredible view over the city. The castle offers several different tours, but even if you are not interested in the history of the place, you should still go up there – simply for the view.1020796.jpg

2. The Triple Bridge
This is another highlight, and quite a unique one as well. As the name already suggests, the Triple Bridge is a bridge that ends and starts at three different points each. I have never seen anything similar to this bridge anywhere in the world, so it should definitely be on your list. 1020538.jpg

3. The Central Market
During the week, there is usually a market with fresh fruit and vegetables next to the river, to the right of the Triple Bridge. On Sundays however, these stalls are closed and on the far left side of Ljubljana’s city center, a flea – and antiques market opens. Here you can mostly get old jewelry, some decor and books, but sometimes you can even find the odd rare vinyl.

4. The Old Town
Seeing the heart of Ljubljana is pretty much in evitable, and luckily so. The old part of Ljubljana has so much to offer – thousands of little alleyways, all of them filled with the most unique, beautiful little boutiques, vintage shops, or cafes. If you walk along the river, that is where you will find all kinds of restaurants, bars and breakfast cafes, selling everything your heart desires. 1020531.jpg

5. Cobbler’s Bridge
Another bridge that is rather unique is the Cobbler’s Bridge. It is located in the very heart of Ljubljana and can hardly be missed. From here, you also have a great view of the castle on top of the hill, the river, as well as all the beautiful buildings located alongside. 1020703(0).jpg

Have you been to Ljubljana and know any other must-see spots? Then let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “5 Things You Cannot Miss in Ljubljana

  1. I adored Ljubljana. I visited a couple of years ago in December, which is a wonderful time to visit! The city puts in quite an effort to create a cosy X-mas atmosphere, with a lovely little market alongside the river and yummy gluhwein stalls. Loved it. Would def go again.

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