Thank you for visiting my travel site. More than travel, this blog is about the emotional experience of traveling the world alone. It’s as much a diary as it is a letter to my family and friends. In a world with an overwhelming amount of content, I hope you find something on these pages that resonates with you.

About me: Demographically speaking, I’m a single woman in my early 40s living as an expat abroad. I mention this because I think living as an expat or digital nomad is a different experience at this age in many ways than it is for a younger traveler. That being said, I’m young at heart and love to be spontaneous!

I grew up in rural Missouri, but always had the itch to travel. During university, I studied abroad in France twice and fell in love with Europe. After my studies, I tried to find a job in France with no success so I decided to move to the San Francisco Bay area. I spent 7 happy years there until I got “the itch” again!

Having gotten pluckier over the years, I started researching more exotic locations for my next adventure. A good friend of mine raved about his experience in Thailand, insisting it was very safe for a woman traveling alone. So I flew to Bangkok in 2013, thinking I would backpack for 3-6 months and “see what happens.” What happened is, I ended up living in Chiang Mai for 6 years!

While I will always love Thailand and think of Chiang Mai as one of my homes, I made the move to Portugal this year. Much of this blog will share my insights on life as an expat here. But I will also share my experiences in Southeast Asia, old and new.

I’ve had a colorful life. Taken risks. Made bad decisions. Made good ones. Found friends, kept some, and lost others. I wake up every morning and find the will to recreate myself. The beauty of life is you can decide to take a different path on any given day!

Koh Phangan, Thailand

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