About Me

Ever since I was little, I couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than getting into your car in the middle of the night, leaving home while it’s still dark, stopping at seedy gas stations on the way, and arriving in a new country by dawn. Of course back then, I was strapped in the back seat and sleeping for most of the journey, but even now that I am the person driving, there is nothing more beautiful to me than leaving my home in search of a new adventure (even though I have to admit that it can be a little scary sometimes – but if it weren’t, where would be the fun in that?)

I started university in 2016 and I just did not feel happy where I was – I didn’t like my course or the city I was studying in – so I decided to drop out and travel to find myself. Now I am twenty and just returned from a 6 month long trip to Oceania and Asia – I had the best time of my life.
I am currently exploring Europe.

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When I was planning my travels, I was looking for a site that would explain it all – from the initial “I need to get out of here” -impulse to booking trains, hostels, and what to actually do and see once you’ve arrived at your destination. I found quite a lot of information, but spread over countless different websites. With this blog, I want to gather at least some of the information and put it out there in a concise, straight-to-the-point kind of way. If this blog helps just one (more or less desperate) person behind the screen, my goal is accomplished.

This blog was started in October 2017, so it is still pretty young. I will add more and more articles on the different topics as time passes.

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Most of the pictures featured in posts are my own. If a picture isn’t, it is from Unsplash. If you decide to use one of my pictures, please give me credit.

Unless stated otherwise, all the tips regarding must-sees, foods to try, etc. are based on my travels and my own experiences.

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