Lessons Learnt from Volunteering Abroad

Volunteers choose to help overseas for many different reasons. It provides an opportunity to give back to a community or make a difference in the world. Surprisingly you can gain as much, or even more, from volunteering abroad as the communities you are helping. Putting effort into helping others and working towards a cause teaches … Continue reading Lessons Learnt from Volunteering Abroad


10 Reasons Why Laos Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Whenever I tell anyone I spent two weeks in Laos during my trip through Southeast Asia, they usually say something along the lines of “that’s such a random country”; or “why did you do that?” They aren’t entirely wrong – Laos opened its borders to tourism only in the 1990s, so it’s still up and … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Laos Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Guest-Bloggers Wanted!

Do you want to promote your content and gain more exposure? Does you blog focus on traveling and do you have at least 200 followers? If the answer to both questions is yes, then consider applying for guest-writing on my blog! Guest-blogging is perfect for attracting a greater audience, increasing your traffic, and getting your blog … Continue reading Guest-Bloggers Wanted!

Lessons learned from 35 days in Europe

Traveling anywhere for 35 days in Europe sounded scary…but this was 35 days through different European countries and cities, so I was filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation. I returned home at the beginning of October and I’ve had time to reflect on everything I learned while on that amazing trip. PACK LIGHT! … Continue reading Lessons learned from 35 days in Europe

Travelling with Depression and Anxiety

I've always maintained my blog, and any posts I write about travelling will be the real deal. No glossing over the struggles, no "Oh my god my life is perfect" - THIS is how it really is to travel with Depression and Anxiety. I've suffered from Depression and Anxiety since around three years ago; it's … Continue reading Travelling with Depression and Anxiety

Everything you need to know about Chile’s public transport system

When I arrived in Chile in February, I had never ridden a public bus for transport, and only ridden the metro when visiting Washington D.C. Over three months later though, I can not just use public transport here, but actually really enjoy it! What follows is a run-down of the public transportation info, tips, and tricks. … Continue reading Everything you need to know about Chile’s public transport system

The Best Way To Experience Iceland

It was a Thursday morning in London, and my original plans to go to Iceland had fallen through; I looked on Couchsurfing to try to find travelers and out of the 10 people I messaged, one finally messaged back. A guy from India living in Germany, his message said: “I'm already going there today. It's … Continue reading The Best Way To Experience Iceland