3 websites to help you with your fear of flying

Wanting to travel the world but being afraid of flying is honestly not the best combination - believe me, I know what I'm talking about. For years I was convinced that I was going to die if I boarded the plane; I did it anyway. Now I'm still not a fan of flying but once … Continue reading 3 websites to help you with your fear of flying

Afraid of flying? – so what?

You already planned your trip and even booked your hostel for the first couple of days, but all you can think about is the flight? Do you already know that once you're on the plane and it is about to take off, you will start to feel queasy and that your knees will become real … Continue reading Afraid of flying? – so what?

Traveling full-time: how to get your parents off your back

"So what are you going to do with your life?" - Does this sound familiar? I'm sure you love your parents, but you probably have to admit that sometimes they can be a little over-protective and pushy - especially when you want to do something they consider "dangerous" - like traveling on your own. Telling … Continue reading Traveling full-time: how to get your parents off your back

Carry-on Essentials

Packing your carry-on is just as important as packing your backpack, especially if you have a long flight ahead of you. If you need to bring medicine with you on the plane, remember that you cannot take more than 100ml of liquids, and that sometimes the airport security might also ask for the instruction leaflet … Continue reading Carry-on Essentials

Which visa is the right one for you?

Finding out if you need a visa is not always easy - but finding out what type of visa you need is even more tricky. For every destination, there are the same five basic types of visa: For more detailed information, visit ProjectVisa.   Transit Visa A transit visa is needed if you are only … Continue reading Which visa is the right one for you?

5 cheap flight comparison websites

Flights can and usually are pretty expensive, but if you use websites that compare the flights from different airlines, you can easily save a little money. I would advise you to always search for the desired flight on more than just one website so that you can find the cheapest option available.   1. Kayak Kayak … Continue reading 5 cheap flight comparison websites