3 types of alternative (and free!) accommodation

If you don't feel like just staying in a hostel, there are plenty of other options. The following three types of accommodation are not conventional, but they are definitely worth a try. 1. Wwoof.net Wwoofing is becoming increasingly popular. Wwoof.net links organic farmers and volunteers. With wwoof, travelers apply to work on a chosen farm for free … Continue reading 3 types of alternative (and free!) accommodation


3 hostel booking sites

Apart from your flight, you will probably spend the most of your money on accommodation. Especially if you are traveling on a budget (which to be fair, most backpackers are), you can find relatively cheap hostels on the following websites:   1. Hostelworld Hostelworld is my go-to hostel booking site. You type in your destination … Continue reading 3 hostel booking sites