Flixbus – the Good and the Bad

If you plan to travel Europe on a budget, Flixbus will probably become your best friend. Flixbus is a relatively new company offering coach service to and from almost every country in Europe. For my most recent trip around Europe, I decided to only travel using Flixbus. Here is my personal experience. First of all, … Continue reading Flixbus – the Good and the Bad


7 ways to reduce your travel costs

You are on a shoestring budget but still want to travel? No problem. If you stick to these 7 tips on how to reduce your travel expenses, you might even end up having a little money left over.   1. Find free accommodation If you find that even staying in hostels is still too expensive … Continue reading 7 ways to reduce your travel costs

How to save money for traveling: 5 Tips

Traveling is expensive - we all know that. Even if you book the cheapest flight, stay in the cheapest hostel and don't eat out, you will still spend a lot of money on your trip. If you still want nothing more than to visit a far-away country, you might want to start saving up some … Continue reading How to save money for traveling: 5 Tips

3 types of alternative (and free!) accommodation

If you don't feel like just staying in a hostel, there are plenty of other options. The following three types of accommodation are not conventional, but they are definitely worth a try. 1. Wwoof.net Wwoofing is becoming increasingly popular. Wwoof.net links organic farmers and volunteers. With wwoof, travelers apply to work on a chosen farm for free … Continue reading 3 types of alternative (and free!) accommodation

5 cheap flight comparison websites

Flights can and usually are pretty expensive, but if you use websites that compare the flights from different airlines, you can easily save a little money. I would advise you to always search for the desired flight on more than just one website so that you can find the cheapest option available.   1. Kayak Kayak … Continue reading 5 cheap flight comparison websites