South America – your next destination?

If you are looking for white beaches, great surfing opportunities, for mountains covered in snow, salt deserts, and open, welcoming people - South America is the place to go. South America is not the safest place in the world, but also not the most dangerous. If you are a female and thinking about traveling to … Continue reading South America – your next destination?


Why should you go to North America?

North America is more than just the United States and Canada. North America also includes Mexico, Central America, and even Greenland. If you are a city gal/guy, the US or Canada are probably for you. You have New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa, or Québec. Especially if you are from the Western world, the … Continue reading Why should you go to North America?

Thinking about traveling to Asia?

Being the largest continent in the world, Asia offers an infinity of travel opportunities. When people mention Asia, many don't think of it's western part including Saudi Arabia, half of Turkey, Iran, or Russia. Even though they definitely belong to Asia, I personally would not advise you to visit countries belonging to the Middle East … Continue reading Thinking about traveling to Asia?

Why Africa?

Finding out where you want to go can be difficult. It might be that there is a particular continent or country that is calling your name, but if there isn't, you have the agony of choice. Well, why Africa? Why not? Africa is the second largest continent - it consists of 55 countries and is … Continue reading Why Africa?

Europe – THE place to go?

Europe is probably the continent with the most diversity - in other continents, the culture is very similar throughout, not in Europe though. In the north, places like Iceland or Scandinavia offer almost a magical feeling - wide landscapes and cold weather but incredible ice glaciers are just a sneak peak of what you can … Continue reading Europe – THE place to go?

Good-bye home, hello Oceania?

Polynesia, Oceania, or Australasia - they all somehow describe more or less the same region: Australia, New Zealand, and its surrounding islands. Especially Australia has increased more and more in popularity amongst young backpackers. Because both Australia and New Zealand are very safe, part of the developed world, and in addition have beautiful nature, it … Continue reading Good-bye home, hello Oceania?