Why I dropped out of uni to travel

I got my IB Diploma in 2016, after 12 years of school. Everyone then was talking about where they were going to start studying in the fall, and to be honest, it just sounded really exciting. So I applied to uni as well. I got in and started studying Psychology & Sociology in Scotland in … Continue reading Why I dropped out of uni to travel

The Photo Series: Rome

Off the beaten track: Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the most popular cities in Germany amongst travelers - and for a good reason. Hamburg has a crazy night life, but even during the day it is a beautiful city. If you've never been to Hamburg before and you only have 3 days or less, visit this site to read about … Continue reading Off the beaten track: Hamburg

4 reasons why Bangkok is overrated

When I traveled to Thailand, my first stop was obviously Bangkok - not only because it's easily accessible by international planes, but also because I had heard many great things about the capital. People described Bangkok to me as being the center of the world, the most vibrant city in the universe, and as the … Continue reading 4 reasons why Bangkok is overrated

The Photo Series: Nice

Why riding elephants is cruel #stopelephantabuse

We've all seen them - the obvious tourist, sitting on top of an elephant, laughing and taking selfies - without taking just one moment to think about what their "fun" must mean for the elephant. Believe me, I understand why you would think that riding an elephant must be fun - because after all, we … Continue reading Why riding elephants is cruel #stopelephantabuse

A Harry Potter Guide to Porto

Whilst almost every Harry Potter fan knows about J.K. Rowling's connection with Edinburgh and the parallels between Harry's magical world and Scotland's capital, little know about the special tie Joanne had with Porto: In 1991, after her mother's death, Rowling moved to Porto and started to teach English at a local school. During this time, … Continue reading A Harry Potter Guide to Porto