Why riding elephants is cruel #stopelephantabuse

We've all seen them - the obvious tourist, sitting on top of an elephant, laughing and taking selfies - without taking just one moment to think about what their "fun" must mean for the elephant. And of course, there are always those people who don't research properly and immediately assume that any place with the … Continue reading Why riding elephants is cruel #stopelephantabuse

5 must-sees in South Bali

When thinking of Bali, one often immediately thinks of luxury spa treatments and infinity pools next to broad white beaches - at least I do (or did). Yes, your holiday in Bali could look like that, if you have enough money to afford that. My trip to Bali looked a lot different. I drove all … Continue reading 5 must-sees in South Bali

4 beautiful spots in East Bali

If you have time, don't miss out on East Bali. Even though most tourists mainly visit the south of Bali, the east has just as much - if not more - to offer. If you are not sure where to start, take a look at my five favorite things to visit in Eastern Bali.   … Continue reading 4 beautiful spots in East Bali