My Travel Bucket List – Europe

Our world currently consists of roughly 200 countries, spread over seven continents. I am twenty-one and have visited around 35 different countries, some several times, and most of them in Europe. Even though lots of travellers like to brag about how many countries they've visited, I think the number is not what counts, but the … Continue reading My Travel Bucket List – Europe


The Photo Series: Glasgow

A Harry Potter Guide to Edinburgh

Let's be honest - who doesn't like Harry Potter? (If you just thought "me", then shame on you.) If you are a Harry Potter fan and you travel to Scotland, make sure to visit Edinburgh (it is only 1,5 hours from Glasgow by bus). J.K. Rowling lived here for years and drew inspiration from her … Continue reading A Harry Potter Guide to Edinburgh

6 things not to miss in Edinburgh

Edinburgh - one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, and for sure the prettiest in Scotland. Even though it will probably rain and be rather cold during your visit there, Edinburgh's beauty makes up for the weather. Scotland's capital seems magical - not just because Harry Potter was written here - but because … Continue reading 6 things not to miss in Edinburgh

The Photo Series: Loch Ness & the Highlands

Impressions: The truth about Glasgow

Glasgow is definitely not only the biggest city in Scotland, but also the most irregular. It is difficult to come up with a word that accurately describes this place. The one word that comes closest, no matter how basic it may sound, is "real" - Glasgow is real. Whilst Scotland's capital Edinburgh is charming and … Continue reading Impressions: The truth about Glasgow