My Bucket List

I am pretty sure everyone has a bucket list - even if they don't call it that or don't write it down. Of course I want to do more than "just" visit new countries before I die, but because this blog focuses on traveling, here is a map of the places I want to see … Continue reading My Bucket List

My Travel Map – Which countries have I been to?

Because I do blog about traveling, it might be interesting to know which countries I have actually visited. I have to admit that they're not as many as I want them to be, but after all I'm only twenty and still have my life ahead of me (hopefully). Most of the countries I visited are … Continue reading My Travel Map – Which countries have I been to?

Good-bye home, hello Oceania?

Polynesia, Oceania, or Australasia - they all somehow describe more or less the same region: Australia, New Zealand, and its surrounding islands. Especially Australia has increased more and more in popularity amongst young backpackers. Because both Australia and New Zealand are very safe, part of the developed world, and in addition have beautiful nature, it … Continue reading Good-bye home, hello Oceania?