Beating Post-Travel Depression: 5 Tips

The most difficult thing about traveling is almost always the day your trip comes to an end. Whether you've been on the road for just a couple weeks or you're returning home after a few years abroad, post-travel depression can hit you hard. This article offers some tips that might help you finally beat that … Continue reading Beating Post-Travel Depression: 5 Tips


Cinque Terre – Everything You Need To Know

If you're thinking about traveling to Italy, you have probably come across either the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre. Both are some of the most popular tourist destinations, and even though they are not close in the slightest - geographically speaking -, they look rather similar. This article strives to answer some of the most … Continue reading Cinque Terre – Everything You Need To Know

Flixbus – the Good and the Bad

If you plan to travel Europe on a budget, Flixbus will probably become your best friend. Flixbus is a relatively new company offering coach service to and from almost every country in Europe. For my most recent trip around Europe, I decided to only travel using Flixbus. Here is my personal experience. First of all, … Continue reading Flixbus – the Good and the Bad