How to flirt in German

Who doesn't like flirting? And if you are partying in a German club or see someone you find attractive on the street, it will seem really charming if you approach him/her in German. Here are a few basic phrases and words teaching you how to flirt in German and how to communicate if it goes … Continue reading How to flirt in German


Useful German phrases for traveling

If you are traveling to Germany, some German phrases can't hurt. Even though almost everyone speaks English, ordering your food or asking for the price in German is always appreciated.   Greetings and good-byes  Hello - Hallo Good morning - Guten Morgen Good evening - Guten Abend My name is … - Ich heiße … … Continue reading Useful German phrases for traveling

6 foods to try in Germany

Germany might not be known for its amazingly delicious food (probably because it's too specific in taste) but if you do travel there, definitely try the following few things. Especially in the southern part of Germany, Bavaria, these dishes can be found in every city and even in small villages.   1. Knödel This dish … Continue reading 6 foods to try in Germany

The Beer Bible

Especially if you're traveling to Germany, it is easy to become a little overwhelmed with the different types of beers. Yes, there are different brands - but in Germany, it is a little more complex than that: the different types of beers (independent from their brand) have different production processes, resulting in distinctive flavors. There … Continue reading The Beer Bible