New Zealand, Day 9: Taupo

Day nine: On our way to Taupo, we quickly stopped at the Haka Falls - an enormous and beautiful waterfall with light blue water. To help you imagine how big it is: 200,000 litres of water flow over the edge of the waterfall every nine seconds. The waterfall itself is not large in height, but … Continue reading New Zealand, Day 9: Taupo

New Zealand, Day 8: Wai-o-tapu

Today, I made my way from Rotorua to Wai-o-tapu, a "geothermal wonderland". There are shuttles available, however they are very expensive, and as we were four people, we took a taxi and split the cost. Wai-o-tapu was definitely worth the money. For $20, you get to spend the entire day in the park - and … Continue reading New Zealand, Day 8: Wai-o-tapu