7 things you should know before traveling to New Zealand

If you're planning to visit the magical and mystical country that's home to the Hobbits, you've probably read up on plenty of stuff - just like me. I had read through so many travel guides, travel blogs and magazines, that I felt like I knew everything there was to know about New Zealand. Well, rather … Continue reading 7 things you should know before traveling to New Zealand


The Tongariro Crossing: A New Zealand Must-Do

When I was first told about the Tongariro Crossing near Taupo, I thought everyone was exaggerating. What people told me was that the hike would take about 10 hours, that you will feel like dying, but that they would have walked for 20 hours for that view. Well, truth be told - no one was … Continue reading The Tongariro Crossing: A New Zealand Must-Do

New Zealand, Day 8: Wai-o-tapu

Today, I made my way from Rotorua to Wai-o-tapu, a "geothermal wonderland". There are shuttles available, however they are very expensive, and as we were four people, we took a taxi and split the cost. Wai-o-tapu was definitely worth the money. For $20, you get to spend the entire day in the park - and … Continue reading New Zealand, Day 8: Wai-o-tapu

Good-bye home, hello Oceania?

Polynesia, Oceania, or Australasia - they all somehow describe more or less the same region: Australia, New Zealand, and its surrounding islands. Especially Australia has increased more and more in popularity amongst young backpackers. Because both Australia and New Zealand are very safe, part of the developed world, and in addition have beautiful nature, it … Continue reading Good-bye home, hello Oceania?