Lessons Learnt from Volunteering Abroad

Volunteers choose to help overseas for many different reasons. It provides an opportunity to give back to a community or make a difference in the world. Surprisingly you can gain as much, or even more, from volunteering abroad as the communities you are helping. Putting effort into helping others and working towards a cause teaches … Continue reading Lessons Learnt from Volunteering Abroad


Beating Post-Travel Depression: 5 Tips

The most difficult thing about traveling is almost always the day your trip comes to an end. Whether you've been on the road for just a couple weeks or you're returning home after a few years abroad, post-travel depression can hit you hard. This article offers some tips that might help you finally beat that … Continue reading Beating Post-Travel Depression: 5 Tips

Lessons learned from 35 days in Europe

Traveling anywhere for 35 days in Europe sounded scary…but this was 35 days through different European countries and cities, so I was filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation. I returned home at the beginning of October and I’ve had time to reflect on everything I learned while on that amazing trip. PACK LIGHT! … Continue reading Lessons learned from 35 days in Europe

3 delicious vegan restaurants in Madrid

Being a vegetarian myself, I know how incredibly difficult it can be to find vegetarian (or vegan) food - especially in countries where most specialties are based on meat or fish. The following three restaurants are my personal favorites for enjoying a delicious vegetarian/vegan meal - for a reasonable price.   1. Vega Calle de … Continue reading 3 delicious vegan restaurants in Madrid

My 5 favorite hostels in Barcelona

Finding cheap accommodation in Barcelona can be tricky - especially in the summer. And if you then also want to be close to the city center and want a nice, clean hostel, your options can be very limited. During my travels I have stayed in various hostels in Barcelona - and here are my top … Continue reading My 5 favorite hostels in Barcelona